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.Adopt three cylinders diesel engine for better performance in the muddy field.

.Min clearance ground reaches 85cm, avoid hurt crop during working.

. Adopt 4-wheel driven design, the same track avoid crops damage.

.The max spray width reaches 11.5, work efficiency 2-3.5 hactares.

.Imported spray nozzle for better insecticidal effect.

Model 3WPZ-500
Sales identification number PWJ-6
Products name Yi Long
Products type self-propelled
Engine Chang chai(20/22HP)
Working overall size(length*width*height)(mm) 3615*9260*1977
Transportation overall size (length*width height)(mm) 3980*1770*2425
Weight(kg) 920
Min clearance ground(mm) 850
Transmission mode Main transmission +auxiliary gear
Driving type 4-wheel driving
Starting type hydraulic
Mud depth(mm) 0-300
Crop height(mm) 0-900
Row spacing(mm) 300
Spraying swatch(mm) 11
Tank capacity (L) 500

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